Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans – May 27, 2009

May 27, 2009

Dear Tulane Alumni and Friends,

The Louisiana Legislature is considering a bill to transfer the ownership of Charity and University Hospitals, collectively called the Medical Center of Louisiana-New Orleans (MCLNO), to an independent Board of Trustees. Independent oversight and public accountability is the first step to ensure public funds are used appropriately in the operation of New Orleans’ new public hospital. The legislation, HOUSE BILL 830, is crucial for providing quality public medical care and for training the healthcare workforce in New Orleans. Here’s why:

  • Five academic institutions have worked together historically to operate MCLNO: Dillard, Xavier, LSU, Tulane and Delgado Community College. HB 830 guarantees the continuation of this important public-private partnership.
  • For nearly 200 years, New Orleans physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other medical professionals have trained at MCLNO. HB 830 makes sure this training will continue.
  • Several universities working together as equal partners have the knowledge, experience and talent to govern and manage a world-class public hospital, an enormously important task that could overwhelm and be beyond the capabilities of a single institution.
  • The new Board members for MCLNO will be a mix of independent and university-affiliated directors with the knowledge, skills, time, focus and commitment to ensure MCLNO’s mission of making available the best possible health care for our indigent citizens as well as for other citizens from the community.
  • HB 830, because it brings checks and balances, financial safeguards, transparency, accountability and professionalism to the operation of the new public hospital, benefits patients, the university partners, the entire New Orleans community and the state.

New Orleans is strongest when we all work together for the common good.

Please tell your state senator that you support House Bill 830. For more information visit


Scott S. Cowen