Tulane Talk November 22, 2013


November 22, 2013

Good Morning:

This time next week most of us will be enjoying our Thanksgiving leftovers. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It has been spared the commercialization of many holidays. We may eat too much and watch too much football but the essence of the holidayógathering with family and friends to give thanksóremains strong.

My list of things to be thankful for begins with with my wife, children and grandchildren, and is followed closely by all things Tulane: our wonderful students, our world-class faculty, our dedicated staff, our committed parents, our supportive alumni, our unwavering fans, our generous donors, our visionary board members, our beautiful oaks, our historic buildings, our innovative labs, our life-saving medical care, our…

I should get back to work now. I just realized my list stretches into infinity.

Have a great weekend,