Tulane Talk March 28, 2014


March 28, 2014

Good Morning:

This week I had the opportunity to do something I can never do too often – recognize the contributions of our wonderful staff who are so vital to the success of Tulane University. Today, will be the third and final staff recognition event this week for those who have worked at Tulane for five or more years. So far I have spoken to staff who have been with Tulane for 45 years, longer than many of their colleagues have been alive! I have also met with those who are marking their five-year anniversary at Tulane. It seems like everyone I speak to, whether they have been here five years or for decades, has a story to tell about their time at Tulane and how much working here means to them and their families. Regardless of their length of service, everyone also remarks how quickly the time has passed.

I feel the same way. That is why I am looking forward to seeing all of you again today from 4 to 7 p.m. at the http event our staff has planned to recognize my time at Tulane. Among the festivities will be a a six-float parade featuring some of the staff who helped Tulane through its darkest hour – people like Tracey Boudreaux, Bob Voltz, Brian Oubre and Juan Perez who repaired a long abandoned boat so that I and other top administrators could escape our flooded campus after Hurricane Katrina. Members of our Office of Admissions, who exceeded all expectations in restoring and expanding Tulane’s enrollment after the devastation of Katrina, will also have a place of honor on the floats as will Coach Curtis Johnson and some of our wonderful students and faculty. Peter Ricchiuti, one of our long-serving and most popular faculty members, will emcee the event.

No president could ask for more loyal, professional and dedicated colleagues than I have been blessed with over the past 16 years. Nor could anyone expect a better celebration. My only quibble is with the name. It should not be called “Great Scott!” It should be called “Grateful Scott!”

Have a great weekend,